About TVC
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About TVC



Andrew Marquis

CEO / Creative Director

Andy Gilliss

Producer / Content Creator

Simon Dahm

Producer / Media Specalist


Our costumers want to be sure their product or service is clearly communicated, readily seen, relavent and competitive in a noisy marketplace. This is where we work.

Company Wide Brand Development

TVC walks clients through a process that produces a company wide brand messaging that reflects the brand and gets the attention of customers.

Marketing Strategy

Creating a plan is easy when clients know where they want to go. First we will determine where the client’s company is then where they want to be. Once we have these two points can we start to pave the road to get there. Seems simple however its astonishing how many companies just dream about where they want to be without having a plan on how to get there.

Media Creation

Together we produce content that meets the BRAND and attracts customers. Every video TVC produces follows a story formula that welcomes customers into something larger.

Single Video Creation

Already have the BRAND established? Awesome. Our goal is to ingest the branding and implement it into every video so our client’s customers receive clear messaging.

Video Subscription Service

A popular choice. We specialize in developing consistent quality content for companies to use however they need. Sometimes our clients use their subscriptions for social media content; sometimes it’s for internal communication.

Custom Editing

Already have some content but hate editing? TVC can help with that too.

Have a question? We’re here to help grow your business with branded video.

What is Third Valve?


There’s a little guy called Jack.  He’s the reason we started this whole thing.

In 2013, Jack was born with a complex heart disease.  During an intense surgery to to fix his broken heart, the surgeon created a brand new, a third, valve.  See where I’m going with this? Bad new though, shortly after his surgery he developed a new and potentially deadly disease called Pulmonary Vein Stenosis.  Hospice came.  We were crushed that our brave little fighter with the extra valve was fading so quickly.

Don’t worry!  There’s a happy ending to this story.  We find a hospital in Boston who are the boss at treating heart diseases in kids.  We moved from California to Boston in a race against the ravages of his disease.  Boston Children’s Hospital worked their magic on Jack.  It was a long and terrifying road but we held onto hope.  In the throws of all of this, we needed a serious career change.  We needed a job that allowed for days (read: weeks) off to be with Jack in the hospital.  So we made one.  In 2014, Third Valve Creative was born.  We opened our own business, because, why not do something super risky in the middle of the most challenging time of our lives?  But, as I told you, hold fast because there’s a happy ending.

That was six years ago, and now Jack is strong.  He is strong and we are back.  We are back and we are ready to do some incredible videos on the West Coast (Best Coast).

The End