Cornerstone Land Company
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Cornerstone Land Company

About This Project

“What is your brand,” We asked and their reply was about what they do. “We sell agricultural real estate.” No. What you do isn’t who you are, otherwise what separates them from any other agricultural real estate firm.

Cornerstone originally contacted us to produce a welcome video for their website. In our first Creative Meeting, we asked them questions about their marketing plan, company goals and how they wanted their potential clients to think of their brand. They didn’t understand what we were asking, really they had built their company upon the relationships they already had and allowed the word of mouth marketing drive all of their business. One client would talk to a friend, a potential client, about Cornerstone Land Co and that friend would look up their website. Do you think their website was designed to motivate potential clients into calling? Do you think it called the potential clients into a greater journey with its branding? Do you think the site looked alot like other basic real estate firms? We started planning. From this a planning session developed key pieces to their brand today.


Photography by Simon Dahm